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On this page you can download a little program I wrote to ease the pain of unpacking an audio file compressed with FLAC to wav format and putting it on the local drive.

You may ask, why on earth would anyone what to do this? After all, FLAC is a lossless compressor and the extracted bits are the same. The reason? In my experience, playback of the raw wav file from a local disk is subjectively better than decoding it on the fly. In addition, playing from the local disk does not incur the overhead of the network and if the system has lots of RAM, the files will be cached and the disk not accessed.

This is freeware, no charge and while you are free to re-distribute the program I encourage you to point anyone wanting a copy to this page. It will likely change often as this an early version. Please note this program contains portions of the FLAC library created by Josh Coalson, please see for more information.

Download FlacWavLoader v1.0.3

Program developed and tested on Windows 7. Works on both 32 and 64 bit machines and requires the Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.5 SP 1

V1.0.1 – Slight tweak to progress bar, was not resetting to 0 if decode ran second time in same session.
V1.0.2 – Bug fix to handle multi-line comments.
v1.0.3 – Added support for drag and drop file selection.

FlacWavLoader Screen