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  1. Dybov Sergii


    I tested Your programme (1.1 beta 3) and found something.

    1. FlacWavLoader doesn’t accept cue files. Thus before playback of such standard de-facto files downloaded from Net it requires to convert into normal tracks (like on original CD, for example). It will be great if You can fix such disadvantage.

    2. I found follwoing: for example, I have 8 tracks in album. I uses Foobar 2000 for playback. Player uses track No.2. If I will erase track No.3 from temporary file (where I keep cjnverted raw PCM) – playback will be stopped. It means that player writes tracks only 1 by 1. Why programme can not keep all 8 tracks in RAM? I have 4 Gb of RAM (DDR2) in my notebook PC. I’m still fighting with my PC to avoid pauses in playback when I use browser (Mozilla Firefox).

    3. Last disadvantage will be funny for You, most probably. Your programme doesn’t understand files named by cyrillic letters (Russian language). Also will be nice if You will fix it. If You assistance from Russia or Ukraine I will find somebody.

    1. Mike Post author


      I’ll try and answer your questions.

      1) Yes, it only accepts .flac files, I really have no plans to support for .cue lists but I will think about it.

      2) The program decodes each file individually and writes the corresponding .wav to the output directory. If the PC has enough RAM the WAV files will be cached in RAM and you can configure foobar to read the file into RAM and not play from disk. Because the program does not handle the playback it can’t keep them in RAM, only the player can, but provided you have plenty of memory, the OS will cache them. All files in the output directory will be removed when the decode button is clicked, the program is not meant for converting flac to wav for long term use, it’s only purpose in life is to convert the files that are going to be played at the moment.

      If using foobar (and others) and it’s currently playing and a new batch of files is decoded, playback of the existing track will stop and the new playlist loaded and started. This is by design.

      The reason I wrote this is to reduce the processing done by the PC when decoding a FLAC on the fly, this also means that the PC I use for playing music is not used for any other purpose while playing, if you are using the browser while playing music I don’t see any advantage to pre-decoding the files.

      3) I will check into this, it should actually handle unicode characters. I have a friend who has a degree in Russian language and is also a developer, so I’ll ask him what is needed.

      Thanks for the feedback.

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