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sacd_extract UI

Thanks to some fine folks, primarily Mr. Wicked, whomever they may be, music nuts are now able to extract the data from the SACD’s we own via a modified PS3. I don’t own one of these but a good friend does and I had him grab the data from my SACD’s. The resulting data is in the form of a .ISO file and the are not standard CD ROM or DVD ISO’s that you can unpack with 7Zip or WinRar. Thankfully the good Mr. Wicked provides a handy piece of code for this called sacd_extract, a small console mode command line program, and while I’m quite comfortable with the command line there are some nice things about having a UI.

So I tossed together a very basic UI that sets some parameters and executes the sacd_extract program. One thing I dislike about the program is there is no way to specify an output directory without specifying the track to extract and it’s title. The extractor will create a directory where it’s executing from for each ISO that is being extracted. That is workable but a pain if you want to put the program in some dedicated place but don’t want all your files extracted there. As a work around, the UI copies the sacd_extract.exe file to the destination directory you select at run time. While not ideal, the program is small enough that it really doesn’t matter and it allows people like me to keep their folders neat, perhaps a bit of OCD with directory structure. :)

You can download this here: SACDExtractUiInstall.exe.

This is a tiny program, about 1MB in size, most of which is the sacd_extract code, and does not do anything except call the sacd_extract.exe with the options selected. While I’ve tested it on several of my machines, I cannot and do not guarantee it will work for you but I suspect it will.

Usage is quite simple, first, select an output directory, you can create one from the dialog if desired. Something like c:\dsdExtract that is easy to find and remember. The other options are preset to 2 channel, create DSF files and unpack DST lossless compression to uncompressed. You don’t need to change these unless you really like DFF files but those don’t support meta-data. Speaking of meta-data, the meta-data present in the .iso is preserved but the artwork is not embedded. I suggest using JRiver Media Center to clean up the data and add the artwork.

Drag in as many ISO’s as you like into the pane on the left and hit he execute extractor button, it will create a folder for each image that is being extracted, the list will be cleared when done.

FWL version 1.31 Released

I’ve added tentative support for .iso files such as those produced when ripping your SACD’s using a playstation. This will almost certainly only work with players that understand how to digest a DSD ISO image, such as JRiver Media Center or foobar with the appropriate extensions.

The new version can be downloaded here: FWLSetup_v1.31

Also, the good folks who provide SoX have released 14.4.1a – this now includes FLAC support and has been tested with this version of FWL, I had no problems. The new release can be found on their sourceforge page. I suggest the file “sox-14.4.1a-win32.exe”, that is the self installing Windows binary. It’s absolutely not necessary to get the latest version but generally a good idea so you benefit from bug fixes.

FWL 1.3 Released

I’ve added .DSF support to the program, this acts just like the .DFF handler, it simply copies them to your local cache and generates the playlist. Also, the clear list and exit after decode options have changed, they have been replaced with a drop list with the option to clear after decode, exit after decode or simply do nothing. I may add a clear button back in for the rare occasion where you don’t want it doing something automatically. As usual, please uninstall the old version prior to installing the new one.

On the problems with the latest version of SoX, some searching turned up that they inadvertently left out support for flac files in the binaries, so avoid version 14.4.1, it simply doesn’t work, 14.4.0 works fine.

Download version 1.3: FWLSetup_v1.3.exe

FWL Not compatible with SoX 14.4.1

The new version of SoX v14.4.1, released on 2013-02-01 is not compatible with the current version of FWL. I will update as soon as possible to correct this. Some of the SoX command line parameters have changed so the code must be adjusted.

In the mean time, it works just fine with 14.4.0.

FWL 1.24 Released

Very minor change for this version. It looks at the player executable and if J.River Media Center is detected, the Media Center command utility is used to launch the program and pass the playlist. The playlist is passed using the /replace option, this clears the existing playlist and loads the new one.

No other changes and all previous information applies.

I previously suggested Primo Ramdisk from Romex Software. This still works great but I’ve since switched to SoftPerfect RAM Disk from SoftPerfect. This seems to be a bit faster and best of all is free for personal use. I’ve been running this for several weeks now on the music PC with zero problems under Windows 8.

Download FlacWavLoader v1.24

FWL v1.23 released

Minor release, added some logic to pass .m3u playlist if selected player is JPLAY, otherwise a .pls playlist is passed.

Be sure to install the latest version of SoX, it uses this for decoding.

For the adventurous, try using a RAMDrive for the destination directory. Of course this means you need plenty of RAM. For a free RAMDrive program, try ImDisk. If you want an easier setup and don’t mind spending a few bucks, I really like Primo Ramdisk from Romex Software.

FlacWavLoader v1.23

DSD DIFF file support added to FWL

I’ve recently had my collection of SACD’s ripped to native DSD format. While there is a SACD plugin allowing foobar2000 to play the resulting ISO, I’d rather play the individual .DFF files that can be extracted from the .iso file. Of course you can convert the DFF to WAV and then to FLAC and then decode them back to WAV but that seems a bit messy.

So, the FWL program will now copy any .dff files that are selected and add them to the playlist. No other actions are performed and unless you are using foobar with the DSDDIFF plug in I very much doubt this will work for you. Your music player program will need to understand/handle the .dff files.

Download FWL version 1.2 Beta 3.

mp3 support added to FlacWavLoader

Yeah… mp3 support. This is strictly a convenience thing as suggested by WGH on It does not decode the mp3 files to wav, it simply copies them and adds them to the play list. I did experiment with converting to wav and perhaps they sound a little better but the standard version of SoX does not contain the needed library to decode them due to licensing restrictions. While I did try adding the needed libmad library and it worked, I thought this too much of a pain for a non techno user.

This code may have added new bugs but it seems stable. I’ve been using it all day at work with no issues. If you find a problem please report it.