DSD DIFF file support added to FWL

I’ve recently had my collection of SACD’s ripped to native DSD format. While there is a SACD plugin allowing foobar2000 to play the resulting ISO, I’d rather play the individual .DFF files that can be extracted from the .iso file. Of course you can convert the DFF to WAV and then to FLAC and then decode them back to WAV but that seems a bit messy.

So, the FWL program will now copy any .dff files that are selected and add them to the playlist. No other actions are performed and unless you are using foobar with the DSDDIFF plug in I very much doubt this will work for you. Your music player program will need to understand/handle the .dff files.

Download FWL version 1.2 Beta 3.

One thought on “DSD DIFF file support added to FWL

  1. Rafa

    Hola Mike,

    Just found this Diamond Jewel of a little app., muchísimas gracias Amigo!

    By the way: SoX 14.4.0 is out!

    Mike, you probably already know this but another programming Guru has made a SoX resampler plug-in for foobar2000. Here’s his page: http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=67373 You might want to get in touch with him to share notes and maybe to create the ultimate SoX resampler plug-in.

    Thanks again!

    From Costa Rica.

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