FWL 1.3 Released

I’ve added .DSF support to the program, this acts just like the .DFF handler, it simply copies them to your local cache and generates the playlist. Also, the clear list and exit after decode options have changed, they have been replaced with a drop list with the option to clear after decode, exit after decode or simply do nothing. I may add a clear button back in for the rare occasion where you don’t want it doing something automatically. As usual, please uninstall the old version prior to installing the new one.

On the problems with the latest version of SoX, some searching turned up that they inadvertently left out support for flac files in the binaries, so avoid version 14.4.1, it simply doesn’t work, 14.4.0 works fine.

Download version 1.3: FWLSetup_v1.3.exe