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sacd_extract UI

Thanks to some fine folks, primarily Mr. Wicked, whomever they may be, music nuts are now able to extract the data from the SACD’s we own via a modified PS3. I don’t own one of these but a good friend does and I had him grab the data from my SACD’s. The resulting data is in the form of a .ISO file and the are not standard CD ROM or DVD ISO’s that you can unpack with 7Zip or WinRar. Thankfully the good Mr. Wicked provides a handy piece of code for this called sacd_extract, a small console mode command line program, and while I’m quite comfortable with the command line there are some nice things about having a UI.

So I tossed together a very basic UI that sets some parameters and executes the sacd_extract program. One thing I dislike about the program is there is no way to specify an output directory without specifying the track to extract and it’s title. The extractor will create a directory where it’s executing from for each ISO that is being extracted. That is workable but a pain if you want to put the program in some dedicated place but don’t want all your files extracted there. As a work around, the UI copies the sacd_extract.exe file to the destination directory you select at run time. While not ideal, the program is small enough that it really doesn’t matter and it allows people like me to keep their folders neat, perhaps a bit of OCD with directory structure. :)

You can download this here: SACDExtractUiInstall.exe.

This is a tiny program, about 1MB in size, most of which is the sacd_extract code, and does not do anything except call the sacd_extract.exe with the options selected. While I’ve tested it on several of my machines, I cannot and do not guarantee it will work for you but I suspect it will.

Usage is quite simple, first, select an output directory, you can create one from the dialog if desired. Something like c:\dsdExtract that is easy to find and remember. The other options are preset to 2 channel, create DSF files and unpack DST lossless compression to uncompressed. You don’t need to change these unless you really like DFF files but those don’t support meta-data. Speaking of meta-data, the meta-data present in the .iso is preserved but the artwork is not embedded. I suggest using JRiver Media Center to clean up the data and add the artwork.

Drag in as many ISO’s as you like into the pane on the left and hit he execute extractor button, it will create a folder for each image that is being extracted, the list will be cleared when done.